ye old barn door

i’ve been spending hours at the drafting table [yes, literally, i'm hand drawing our house plans.]  we’re building a small, moderately efficient home in the harsh mountains of colorado.  we’re really trying to get the most out of our space, and with views being a major factor in our layout, we’ve ended up with an entry that plops you smack dab into our mudroom.  for those of you who don’t have a mudroom, or have never even heard of a mudroom, alas, an explanation.  when you live in the mountains, you spend a vast majority of your time outdoors, and 70% of our year is covered in snow.  which makes for a lot of mud = a room dedicated to muddy, wet, gross gear is absolutely essential.

problem: our guests will enter where our gear resides.  solution:  ???  BARN DOORS!  i’ve always loved them, wanted them, and now i feel they are a necessity to my some day home.  while i keep a tidy home, i know how things can get away from you, and as we want a family someday, well… we all know how that goes.   i’ve posted a picture of the entry/mudroom solution- barn doors covering a closet holding shoes/boots/coats/snowpants/bike gear/etc. which can be moved to cover open shelves on either side of it.  so instead of walking into our mess, you’ll be blown away by the awesomeness of our barn doors, an unbelievable bench and off the chain piece of bfrancesi artwork hanging in the entry.



now for the fun part


exterior functionality



applied in an office setting


awesome stainless hardware


aaaaaaaaaaaand my personal favorite [i know, i may have overdone the examples, but i couldn't help myself]……..


pure awesomeness

so over sand…sandpaper that is

so i’ve done my final fine grit sanding and needed to fill a couple holes where the old hardware went. i used a product, DAP Plastic Wood, to fill the holes- roll it into a tiny ball, push it into the space and make it mound a little on top. When it dries, sand it back down so it’s even with the rest of the surface.

you can see where the old hardware was, and the holes are filled


next step! PAINT! i cannot tell you how much i loved getting to this part. it’s when you can actually start seeing a difference. i chose Wool Coat from our friendly Ace Hardware paint selection.  i decided to go with a flat sheen… you’ll find out why i regretted that decision in a few short moments.

brush strokes


i found some cute little wooden knobs at the local hardware store and found them quite quaint in their natural state. i decided not to paint them. i love how they look.

after the paint dried, it felt HORRIBLY chalky. i can’t stand that feeling, it gives me the heeby jeebies. so my husband suggested i use spray on instant drying laquer to give it a glossier feel.  it worked great.

turns out i'm not made to be a grafitti artist- so tyler had to step it shortly after i began

i’m SO close to being finished now, i can hardly stand it.  all i have left to do is find some hinging that works with these doors. it’s been a little tricky.  will post again soon! i have a “last week of june” deadline.

radical red

as you all know, i love color infused  interior design almost as much as i love wearing neutrals.  today my focus is on RED.  the color of passion, anger, love, & war. .. vibrant and always holds it’s own.

i had about 3x this many photos of rooms/etc. but i’m having some issues posting them. not sure why they wouldn’t show : / use your imagination ?


Ana Williamson Architect contemporary entry
Private Residence in Paris, France eclectic kitchen
The Upward Bound House by Kelly LaPlante eclectic bedroom
Montcalm Street modern staircase

z modern panton ball chandelier

red wall clock by crate & barrel

eames molded plywood chair by room & board

marimekko karpitsa pillow by crate & barrel

chairone concrete chair by zmodern

faux red coral by pottery barn