baby on board

so i started this post a long time ago- approximately 4 months ago.  well, started is a dramatization… i wrote the header.  planning to tell all my DIE HARD readers about my pregnancy obviously went by the wayside, and now we’re only 3 months away from having a little boy.

25 weeks along

YIPPEE!!! my life is about to dramatically change and i could not be more excited about it.  my husband and i are overjoyed with the idea of adding a 3rd party to our little family [or 4th if you count our precious pooch, Porter.]

[the porter girl. my most favorite beast in all the animal kingdom]

i must admit, i’m a little worried about her, as she’s been the love of my life since we got her 3 years ago. almost to the day actually.  but i’m sure she’ll adjust and love our little bundle of blue just as much as we do.

so being an interior designer, i’ve been getting comments like “oh, i can’t wait to see your nursery!”  ”oh i’m sure you’re going to decorate it SOO cute” and “you’re nursery will be the greatest i’m sure, with all your creative genius”  [ok, so maybe no one has called me a creative genius, but you get the idea] sadly, i will not be decorating a beautiful nursery.  i won’t get my creative juices flowing for this one.

BACKGROUND: we care take for some very great people who are allowing us to stay here, with a baby, and a dog who sheds 19 lbs of fur/week.  this house is large and the next room from ours is down a long and dark hallway. a nursery is out of the question, and a baby who needs to be fed many times through out the night isn’t going to be residing down a long and dark hallway.

SOLUTION: large master closet=nursery.  you will find i’ve made it cozy and efficient.

here you’ll see the changing table [Gulliver from IKEA] i thought this was perfect- simple, clean, plenty of space for all the baby essentials, open for easy access, and super reasonable!

i’ve also finished my little dresser, which was originally going to be our changing table, until i realized it was about 6″ too short.  it makes the perfect little armoir for Baby H’s little onsies, socks, and clothes.  plus, it’s adorable.

changing table & dresser

inside our closet, we have another closet, which made for the perfect crib room- this way the door can be closed, and Tyler can get up and ready for work with out waking Baby H, who will be sleeping in until 8 or 9 every morning [yes, i've decided this will be his sleeping pattern, do not burst my bubble]  the bedding i chose, after months of research, is from pottery barn.

little lamb bedding

i loved the idea of the lion and the lambs- the lion represents our heavenly Father, who will be watching over our precious little lamb. i couldn’t help but imagine Aslan. the crib was a gift from the family i used to babysit for. i love that we got a free crib AND that it’s being re-used.  it’s beautiful and perfect.

crib room

i can’t wait to start seeing the “nursery” come together more.  i think we’ve got a pretty good start so far!

  • Emily

    LOVE IT! I can just see a little guy all snuggled up, loving his new bedding, blankets, and crib, etc! And you look beautiful, too! Thanks for the pics!

  • Brooke

    This looks so cozy and wonderful! Can’t wait to see your setup and actually meet Baby H!