mother’s day

i’m a bit behind on this, but it didn’t hit me until tuesday.  my mother’s day was amazing. my sweet, SWEET husband woke up with graham in the morning, fed him his first bottle of the day, made me my favorite breakfast [roll-ups!!! YUM] and showered me with beautiful gifts.

stunning earrings from Anthropologie

moth orchid

he also made me a card with adorable cow clip art on it. [ i'm shattering his "man's man" facade right now. sorry honey.] i just had to share this, because i have the most amazing husband and son in the world. i LOVE my family.

now on to the reason for the post.

on tuesday, i woke up and did all of my motherly duties.  i fed the baby, did the laundry, washed and dried bottles and clothes and baby, grocery shopped, worked a few hours, and came home. then i made homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch, using my mom’s recipe. i wore an apron, like my mom does. i sang, like my mom does. i talked to graham like my mom used to talk to me. and it hit me- i wanted to be just like my mom. since i was a little girl, that’s all i’ve ever wanted to be. when i started getting older, people started telling me i needed to want a career, because people fought hard for women’s rights and equality. i started to say i wanted to be other things, like an artist, or a writer, or a fashion designer, or an interior designer. and yes, those are all passions of mine and i love to be creative, but it’s not who i am. i realize i want to be my mom, because i want my kids to have the same life i had growing up. she was unbelievable.  she managed to keep everything clean & organized, keep fresh food and baked goods flowing, grow a garden, volunteer at the nursing home, help out at church, spend time with friends, and most importantly, spend time with us. i’m overwhelmed trying to keep up with her sometimes, but i’m fulfilled with this life. i don’t need a career. i know so many women who love their career and families, and they do an amazing job of juggling both. but for me, my life is completely absorbed in home.  in every essence of the word. so i guess i just wanted to say, “thanks, Mom” for being the example you were. for being a woman i could look up to and desire to be someday. for training me up in the way that i should go. for teaching me how to read, how to measure flour, how to do laundry, and how to love Jesus. you are, and always will be, my best friend and my inspiration. i love you! [happy mother's day, a few days late]

holding me

reading books together

  • Andrea

    Oh my word, Whit. That is the sweetest thing!! Very well said, my dear. I whole heartedly agree! Our moms are such an inspiration! :) Hugs to you, your beautiful mom and family.

  • Susan

    Wow little tough to type with the tears in my eyes. I’m totally unworthy of this post but so proud and thankful for the daughter I raised. You really are Gods handiwork little one. And you’ll always be my baby. Love, your mom

  • Marcia

    Well said! :) Turning into your mom is a good thing! Love you both!

  • Whit

    This post is perhaps my favorite blog post ever. What a blessing to have such a great Mom as a role model. I’m so glad that you get to follow after her. You are a fantastic Mom too, Whit!
    Wish we still lived in the same town so we could bake, cook, and mother our kids together.