viva la color

this post is a shout out to my ABSOLUTE favorite design element.  texture’s great, finish… fine, material’s schmerials.  but OH COLOR!!! mi amor!!! something about it makes me want to speak spanish and live in a multi-colored house in peru.   i’m not even certain they speak spanish in peru.  anyways, viva terra is a choice little joint for grabbing accents brimming with color. not all of my selections are colorful, but hand picked for their immediate cohesive ability to accentuate color.

nothing gets me more than a crayon box-like color palette

the simplicity of this fir slab dresser stops me in my tracks

speak easy light glistens with character

he's sooooo cute_ recylced rascal dog

the things you could do with this table... laden with accessories and hues from around the globe. ahhh. dreamy

makes me giddy. simply giddy.

ok, it may be the hippie in me, but my obsession with mushrooms has been peaked yet again

hay!! me gusta!

these cute lil' guys immediately made me think of cafe sed

again, the woodland owl theme, but ay...sooo cute

baby alpaca throw- devine

  • Brooke

    I love your selections! The contrast of really colorful and all natural elements is gorgeous.