ye old barn door

i’ve been spending hours at the drafting table [yes, literally, i'm hand drawing our house plans.]  we’re building a small, moderately efficient home in the harsh mountains of colorado.  we’re really trying to get the most out of our space, and with views being a major factor in our layout, we’ve ended up with an entry that plops you smack dab into our mudroom.  for those of you who don’t have a mudroom, or have never even heard of a mudroom, alas, an explanation.  when you live in the mountains, you spend a vast majority of your time outdoors, and 70% of our year is covered in snow.  which makes for a lot of mud = a room dedicated to muddy, wet, gross gear is absolutely essential.

problem: our guests will enter where our gear resides.  solution:  ???  BARN DOORS!  i’ve always loved them, wanted them, and now i feel they are a necessity to my some day home.  while i keep a tidy home, i know how things can get away from you, and as we want a family someday, well… we all know how that goes.   i’ve posted a picture of the entry/mudroom solution- barn doors covering a closet holding shoes/boots/coats/snowpants/bike gear/etc. which can be moved to cover open shelves on either side of it.  so instead of walking into our mess, you’ll be blown away by the awesomeness of our barn doors, an unbelievable bench and off the chain piece of bfrancesi artwork hanging in the entry.



now for the fun part


exterior functionality



applied in an office setting


awesome stainless hardware


aaaaaaaaaaaand my personal favorite [i know, i may have overdone the examples, but i couldn't help myself]……..


pure awesomeness

  • Sarah

    Yes, Whit I am one of your stalkers:0) Love reading the blog and seeing all the designs and ideas!

  • Vanessa

    LOVE this! So excited to see your house come together!

  • Brooke

    Such a great range of examples. It’s hard to believe how something so rustic can be transformed into a chic, modern divider. I can’t wait to see what you choose!

  • Becky Holmes

    We are thinking of doing a barn door in our master bedroom because right now it has double french doors and the opening space is limited…plus, I’ve always just loved the way they looked, too!

  • Brianna

    Definitely like the barn doors…all of them! Cannot wait to see what you guys do with your house. Call me if you need any help.

  • Jaclyn

    I love barn doors! They used them in the HGTV green home this year and I absolutely love it! Hopefully some day we can do something like that.

  • Wendi Mathis Held

    Love it, Whit! Excited to see more of your design ideas – inspiration :)

  • Whitney l

    Where can you get the sliding doors like that? I have been looking everywhere. Or just even the hardware?

  • whit.huber

    the old barn doors I’m guessing are quite literally, OLD barn doors, found from who knows where. these are harder to work with, as you would have to make a space to work with the size door you find. and i’m sure all sorts of door manufacturers make something like the rest. they are just doors without the hinging attached. in our home, we just used solid birch flush doors everywhere, and got two made to use for our barn doors. my husband made the hardware- cost us about $100 I believe for the steel and rollers, but you can find it online as well. when we get it quoted for homes, it’s upwards of $1000… hope this helps!